Melitta Caffeo CI Touch Fully Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machine 6581411

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he Caffeo CI Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine marries elegance with efficiency with its height-adjustable spout, a two-chamber Bean Select system, and flexibility to also prepare coffee with pre-ground beans. Optimally extract both flavour and aroma with three brew temperatures, four strength levels, and a double-cup option for simultaneous preparation of two drinks at a time. The My Coffee memory feature stores up to four personal preferences, and the option to rotate between Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato, amongst others, offers a feeling of an Italian café in the comfort of your own home or small office. With its smooth surface, refined design and push-button cleaning components, it’s easy to maintain the integrity and long-lasting functionality of this innovative Melitta coffee maker.

  • Fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine
  • One-touch presets for espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato as well as warm milk, frothed milk or hot water
  • Makes 10 coffee specialities including espresso, café crème, cappuccino, latte macchiato, lungo, Americano and espresso macchiato
  • Manual Bean Select so that, depending on the recipe and personal taste, you can select mild coffee beans or strong aromatic espresso beans, for example
  • Aroma-safe lid and tinted container help preserve the flavour of your coffee beans
  • Integrated ground coffee chute also allows you to use coffee which is already ground
  • Fast and whisper-quiet grinder
  • The Italian Preparation Process gives you authentic flavour by ensuring that the ingredients are added in the correct order according to the original Italian recipe
  • With the My Coffee memory feature you can programme your favourite coffee specialities completely individually for up to 4 people
  • The innovative high-resolution TFT colour touch surface means you can operate the machine by gently touching the sensors, making it very easy to use
  • With Double Cup Mode you can make two cups of numerous coffee specialities with or without milk at the same time
  • The outlet also has integrated LED illumination and is height adjustable so there is space even for tall latte macchiato glasses
  • The brewing unit is practical, easy to remove and easy to clean and also allows the inside of the machine to be cleaned
  • Quick and hygienic cleaning of the parts in contact with milk, using hot water and steam
  • With the 0-watt switch you can turn off your CI Touch completely at any time and the programmable Energy Saving Mode and adjustable automatic switch-off feature also ensure economic use
  • If you use a Melitta Pro Aqua Water filter, the CI Touch only needs to be descaled once a year, based on brewing six 120ml cups of coffee a day